Shelby County WIC Office (Tennessee)

Shelby County WIC Offices are local branches of the federal Women, Infants, and Children nutritional program. Shelby County WIC Offices process applications for nutritional assistance, provide nutritional education, and administer food services to eligible individuals and families. Pregnant and recently pregnant women, infants, and young children can receive benefits if they meet income eligibility requirements and are at nutrition risk. Eligible participants receive nutrition education resources, and WIC Offices can accept and process applications. A WIC Office also administers monthly food benefits, determines eligibility for nutrition assistance, and conducts assessments for nutrition risk. WIC Offices in Shelby County, Tennessee provide resources and services through their websites.

Johnsons City Northeast Regional WIC Office Germantown TN Johnson Road Extension 38139 423-979-3200

Shelby County Galloway WIC Office Memphis TN 477 North Manassas Street 38105 901-222-9790

Shelby County Health Crossing Clinic WIC Office Memphis TN 6170 Macon Road 38134 901-222-9799

Shelby County Health Department WIC Office Memphis TN 1000 Haynes Street 38114 901-515-5200

Shelby County Health Guthrie Primary Health Clinic WIC Office Memphis TN 1064 Breedlove Street 38107 901-515-5400

Shelby County Health Hickory Hill Clinic WIC Office Memphis TN 6590 Kirby Center Cove, 101 38115 901-222-9906

Shelby County Health Hollywood Clinic WIC Office Memphis TN 2500 Peres Avenue 38108 901-515-5500

Shelby County Health Med WIC Office Memphis TN 880 Madison Avenue, 310e 38103 901-545-7265

Shelby County Health Memphis Health Center WIC Office Memphis TN 380 East E.H.Crump Boulevard 38126 901-261-2000

Shelby County Health Millington Clinic WIC Office Millington TN 8225 U.s. 51, 11 38053 901-222-9940

Shelby County Health Southland Mall Clinic WIC Office Memphis TN 1287 Southland Mall 38116 901-222-9828

Shelby County WIC Office Memphis TN 814 Jefferson Avenue 38105 901-544-7583

Shelby County Child, Youth, and Family Services Offices provide programs and services that assist children and families, including protective services, emergency assistance, and income support programs. They may also offer children's welfare services, including nutritional assistance in some areas. Shelby County Food assistance may include monthly WIC benefits, access to food banks, and other nutrition assistance resources and educational materials. Child, Youth, and Family Services Offices provide information on applying for WIC in Shelby County, which may involve meeting income eligibility requirements, as well as receiving assistance. Child, Youth, and Family Services Offices in Shelby County, Tennessee list their resources and services on their websites.

Memphis Youth Services Memphis TN 315 South Hollywood Street 38104 901-452-2129

Memphis Youth Services Office Memphis TN 315 South Hollywood Street 38104 901-636-6264

Shelby Court Childrens Services Memphis TN 616 Adams Avenue 38105 901-405-8530